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Printed on request, 8 working day delivery30 days on trialFree returns
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Sustainability promise: Towards a circular future, together.

Our commitment to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact is evident in our choice of materials and production methods. Let's dive a little bit deeper into how we create durable and sustainable lamps that not only enhance your living spaces but also contribute to a better world.

Materials that make a difference

1. At least 55% bio-circular materials 🌿

Bio-circular materials are materials from waste and residues of biological origin from agriculture, forestry, and related industries, such as tall oil from the wood processing industry & used cooking oil. The entire supply chain is ISCC¹ Plus certified for these specific products.

2. Or at least 65% of production waste materials ♻

We use recycled production waste from other industries, such as the manufacturing of polycarbonate sheets for carports, swimming pools, and illuminated advertising.

3. Or 100% recycled materials from used products ♻

For example, we have special editions made out of recycled watercooler jugs or plastic waste from other industries.

After use, easy to disassemble.

As part of our design principles, we adhere to a set of rules that promote sustainable assembly practices. Instead of relying on glue, potting, and excessive use of screws, we prioritize the use of turn-and-click components. This not only simplifies the assembly process and improves repairability but also ensures that our products can be easily disassembled. We provide clear disassembly instructions for each product series. This empowers recyclers to effortlessly separate the various components and direct them to the appropriate waste streams, facilitating efficient recycling processes.

3D printed locally and on-demand

We produce on-demand to prevent unsold stocks. Rejected parts are being recycled by our in-house recycling unit, so these materials can be reused. Also, compared to conventional methods, we integrate up to 40% fewer components. Local production means minimizing the travel distance and we cut down on the footprint associated with shipping and transportation.

Packaging without disposable plastics

Our cardboard boxes and paper packaging use at least 80% recycled paper. Plus, we have eliminated single-use plastics from our packaging and use a single-color print to simplify recycling.